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New Carlsbad General Plan

Where are all the parks and open spaces the City of Carlsbad promised us? Since 1986 when the Carlsbad Growth Management Plan (GMP) was adopted, we were promised 40 percent open space at buildout for parks, trails and natural lands. That space is now being reduced by up to 750 acres — a loss of

San Onofre New Gas Power Plant

Hi friends, San Diego Gas & Electric wants to replace the recently shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant with massive amounts of new gas power — and they’re trying to do it through an insider deal that doesn’t allow clean energy options to compete. This is no time to lock San Diego into decades of fossil

Preserve Calavera

A big thank you to all who attended/spoke at Tuesday’s City Council workshop on parks and open space!   It took extra effort to do this with such short notice and on a workday. This was the opportunity for the City Council to  aspire to the kind of parks and open space that truly would make