How to Help

| How to Volunteer

If our mission speaks to you and you would like to volunteer and support NCA, here are some easy ways to get involved today!

Learn more about the development process in Carlsbad from a seasoned researcher and expert, Diane Nygaard and how you can correctly and legally submit your concerns to the City. If one does not follow the pre-approved process, your comments will not be officially counted. To reach Diane, email her at

Work with Diane to see how city records are access and how to spot proposal in projects that can substantially affect our quality of life.

Find out how to engage developers early in the process when it is much easier for them to agree to changes.

• See how to keep track of developers’ progress and create reports.

• Assist NCA with Community Outreach – make phone calls to neighbors, distribute flyers, and attend community education events describing what we can do to make a difference.

• Write Letters to the Editor describing your concerns and why residents need to take action

• Data entry – we are eager to grow our database of email addresses so we can spread the word and share updates quickly and easily with our neighbors

• Work at an Information Table at area events where NCA has an exhibit

• Fund-raise – NCA needs funds to purchase open spaces that would otherwise be developed, to pay for legal assistance and to expand its community outreach through participation in street fairs, local events and organizations.


However you want to share your time, talents and treasure is up to you! We appreciate and value all volunteers eager to share our vision. Contact Board Member Pat Bleha at for more information or to answer any questions you may have.

| How to Donate

Your financial support is tax deductible and can help us reach our goals faster. Please support our worthy cause that directly impacts your current and future quality of life in North Coastal San Diego County.

Please email us for information on how to donate.