Where are all the parks and open spaces the City of Carlsbad promised us? Since 1986 when the Carlsbad Growth Management Plan (GMP) was adopted, we were promised 40 percent open space at buildout for parks, trails and natural lands. That space is now being reduced by up to 750 acres — a loss of open space 20 times the size of Alga Norte Park! Unfortunately, every quadrant of the city is shortchanged on parks. In many neighborhoods, the ONLY park is a schoolyard that is fenced and locked. The proposed New General Plan for Carlsbad will add:

* 7,880 residential unis
* 7.5 million sf of commercial/office/industrial space
* 2,360 hotel rooms

This new plan shortchanges that original commitment and DOESN’T add int he parks and open space that can keep all of this growth from turning Carlsbad into a place where no one will want to live! We need a BALANCED plan!

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